I Am Nero

I Am NeroIn the end days of catastrophic global warming the sea has risen to reclaim the land, the Earth’s oil reserves have run dry, and the Federal Government has collapsed along with the economy. Besieged by the Pacific Ocean, the ruined archipelago of San Francisco has been carved up between the gangs and a corrupt and brutal police force. While the rich flee to search in vain for civilization, those left behind resort to vicious tribal warfare to secure the dwindling supplies of food and fresh water.

Among them is one man who’s seen cities perish before  barricaded in his apartment with enough fresh water to sign his death warrant. High above the crumbling city he watches the fires take over, waiting for the end as the desperate hordes close in around him – but Nero has a dangerous secret, and he’s not going to tell…

I Am Nero is a 360 page novel about climate change, neurotic consumerism, addiction, denial, and the self-destruction of our way of life. Set slightly in the future, Nero crosses genre boundaries from low-key Sci-Fi to Disaster, Gothic Horror to Thriller as the narrative leads the reader through a ruined world and pits its characters against nature and each other in a battle for survival. Conceived just before the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami, I Am Nero took shape against a background of cataclysmic disasters such as Hurricane Katrina, amidst growing concern for the state of our planet.


The reader can almost feel that they are there, living in this wasteland, Chronicles Magazine 2008.

It is a true gothic horror with a modern twist in its strong message against global warming – the reader is very aware of the narrator’s sad acceptance and distaste for man’s destruction of the earth and mankind.  The quality of the writing is superb – with every sentence the reader can sense the desolation and despair.  The stark imagery can make for uncomfortable reading, yet the powerful prose keeps the reader gripped from start to finish.

Haunting, gritty, beautifully described mod-gothic horror. June 3, 2008 – Amazon.Com – Jak Secret

“I am Nero” provides a different take on the standard gothic themes. Think of it as the anti- Anne Rice novel– seemingly un-romantic, technical, richly described. The reader is transported into a bleak future with bleak characters, and all-too….human faults. Collins has a gift for description that transports us into the dark corners of the soul, literally and figuratively, of the main character. Its a horror novel from the inside-out, a cautionary tale about the human race, and a reminder that there are higher predators out there. Gripping; you will lose sleep reading this book end-to-end.

A Post Apocalyptic Tale. February 18, 2008 – Amazon.Com Stephen Langmuir

I Am Nero by Samuel Collins is a fairly well-written homage to literary great Richard Matheson. Despite a passing similarity to I Am Legend, the plot line is quite different. Also, as I Am Nero weighs in at 357 pages, the book is far longer than the Matheson classic.

As I read I Am Nero, I was reminded of The Ruins by Scott Smith. As The Ruins is a study in how to craft the ultimate page turner, that is not a bad thing. And, as The Ruins is about to hit the big screen, I think with a clever screen play I Am Nero would make a good movie. There is plenty of action and suspense.  Buy I Am Nero if you are a fan of Matheson, post apocalyptic fiction, or graphic horror.

Personal Review – Moss Moondancer

finished reading it last week ..
so good i could not stop ..
had to download it as i am a broke mufuka
but it was definately a book to buy when i can
& spread it around ..
i have been talking about it with lots of people ..
i will not even try to articulate here
the depth & capacity
of which it has impressed me ..
save that for a review posting ..
just wanted to reach out & say :
holy fuck ! that was amazing ! thanks !

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